The second meeting with students were supposed to take place in Porvoo, Finland in December. Unfortunately COVID-19 stopped this from happening. We have to wait and see how things develop in Europe during the next couple of months. We hope to be able to travel again in maybe March or April. 
The focus at this mobility will be around "Who are we?". Students will reply a survey on their knowledge on integration. One survey will be for native students and another for migrants/refugees.
Students will prepare a presentation on the refugee situation in their countries. 
At the meeting, they were supposed to debate and work on culture and traditions. All partners should bring some domestic food, and we would create a big buffet for lunch on the first day.

Also at this meeting, students and teachers would work on questions/tasks for the board game, which is the very final result of the project. 

If the situation will be that this meeting won't be possible, we will try to meet online, so that students can interact virtually with each other. 

Finland poster final.jpg

Poster created by the Greek team.