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activity in Porvoo, Finland

March 7 - 11, 2022

The second meeting with students was suppose to take place in Porvoo, Finland in December 2020. Unfortunately COVID-19 stopped this from happening. We waited, and finally in March 2022, it was possible to conduct the meeting. 
The focus at this mobility was around "Who are we?" - referring to the refugees and migrants in our schools. Students replied a survey on their knowledge on integration. There was one survey for native students and another for migrants/refugees.
Students prepared a presentation on the refugee situation in their countries. 
At the meeting, they debated and worked on culture and traditions. All partners brought some domestic food, and we created a big buffet for lunch on the first day.

Also at this meeting, students and teachers finished to work on questions/tasks for the board game, which is the very final result of the project. 


MONDAY - school day:
Welcoming and getting to know each other activities
A presentation of Careeria as vocational school and it's international activities
Meeting with immigrant students and their teacher. Information on study programme
Guided walk in the old town of Porvoo
TUESDAY - school day:

Preparing International Food Festival in the kitchen of the school

Presentations of the food made and lunch
Board Game: Playing the game we created in international groups

WEDNESDAY - day trip to Helsinki:
Meeting and working with group of international business education students
Sightseeing and guided tour in the city

THURSDAY - day trip to Vantaa:
Visit to HEUREKA Science Park with guided tour and lunch

Visit to FAZER Chocolate World

FRIDAY - school day:

Student presentations on migrant history and present situation

Student survey results and debate

Student feedback on the week

Teachers meeting


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