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First student mobility


Holbæk, Denmark


9-13, 2019

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5 students and 2 teachers from each partner school participated. We had 12 host families and 6 teachers participated during the week. We had good cooperation with stakeholders. Several refugees/migrants were involved. 


The day started with a welcoming and a tour around the school provided by host students. 

A workshop with "get-together" activities was set up, to let the students get  acquainted with each other. One activity was "All that we share'' - inspired from the Danish television ad from TV2. Cooperative Learning activities were also included in the workshop. 

Before the meeting, students had created a presentation on their school, town and country. Delegation from each country presented their work, so we all could get to know each other a little bit better. Also it was educational for the students to present their work before a real life audience of other students and teachers. 

In the afternoon, a visit to the Immigration Museum in Farum was planned. Students and teachers got a guided tour and learned about the history of Danish immi- and emigration. 


Workshop provided by the NGO "Crossing Borders".  The refugee situation in Europe and refugee policies among EU countries was the topic. They talked about the differences of a refugee, asylum seeker and immigrants and looked at reasons for what people are fleeing from and where they flee and the importance of identity for people who escape from their homeland. They illuminated through role play, how it feels to be excluded from the rest of society and to integrate into a new culture. Students left this workshop with a deeper insight into the challenges, such as refugee meetings and a sense of how these challenges felt on their own body.

A one hour Danish class was set up, to give students and teachers a short introduction into the Danish language, so they would be able to recognize the sounds of Danish and be able to say a few sentences.

In the afternoon they visited a business college to get an introduction to the Danish school system. 


Touristic trip to Roskilde with visits at the Viking Museum, the Ragnarock Museum and Roskilde Cathedral. We wanted to give them a piece of Danish Culture. 


Tourist trip to Copenhagen with visit at Christiania - a self proclaimed township. The afternoon was free for disposal.


Workshop "Rapolitics": NGO who promoted youth empowerment through a creative and constructive focus on urban artistic expressions, raptivism, dialogue & democratic awareness-raising. Our vision is to empower youth to express

themselves & take action." Students will work together in groups, writing lyrics and perform their own rap songs under the guidance of a rapper, and with inspiration from a couple of refugees. 

Meanwhile teachers had a monitoring meeting.

In the evening, students had a goodbye party at a youth club. Teachers tried a true Danish "julefrokost" and later joined the students.

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